Our Universal Truth

Learn Mandarin with La Leche League & KG!

Universal (ooh-nee-bayr-SAHL) Universal

There seems to be fewer so-called “Universal Truths” these days. The always-on internet has allowed everyone to own a platform to share their truths, or at least shoot holes in someone else’s.


When everyone is right, no one is.


But I believe there is one Universal Truth that still stands firm today.

Does it stand up to personal views on domestic politics? Yes.

Does it stand up to personal views on race? Yes.

Does it stand up to personal views on religion? Yes.

Does it stand up to personal views on sexuality? Yes.


OK…. I know what it is,” you’re thinking.


It’s the Universal Truth that porn and cats are overrepresented on the internet, right?

It’s the Universal Truth that parents want their children to be happy and successful as they mature in life.

Tough to argue with, right?

So if this is a Universal Truth, what actions can parents take today to give their kids an advantage as they move inexorably towards adulthood?

To be successful (we won’t argue that people can be happy and unsuccessful. There are plenty of happy losers, but all things being equal, parents aim for both happy and successful….) in the coming years, what skills can we give our children so they have a proverbial leg up?

At the top of the list I’d place language skills.

If your little Susie can speak fluent Mandarin by the time she’s headed off to college, you might opt to save that $200K on room, board, and fake ID’s and tell her it’s time to go pro.

Kevin Garnett wasn’t all that ready to skip college and head to the NBA, but he was close enough.

Maybe Susie is in the same boat?

But learning Mandarin has its obstacles.


Who does she practice with away from the classroom?

What is she learning to say – kid stuff or international law stuff?

What if she’s actually learning Modified Japanese Pig-Latin (MJPL) and we don’t even know it?

When exactly, will this be useful?


Spanish, on the other hand, is much easier to learn, far more practical, and also a skill that will inevitably help little Susie en el futuro.

Below are 3 Spanish words you can teach your kids today.

  • Leche 

(LAY-chay) Milk: Think of La Leche League… Or don’t.

  • Jugo 

(HOOH-goh) Juice: A much-needed respite from hearing “Jooth” all day.

  • Cama 

(KAH-mah) Bed: “En la cama” + index finger extended.


Good luck – Buena suerte!



Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (www.redanglespanish.com), a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He likes Kevin Garnett, Modified Japanese Pig-Latin (MJPL) and Jugo. Read Hartmann’s recent article on Shrinking the Communication Gap here: http://www.forconstructionpros.com/online/Running-Your-Business/Billionaire-Smarts–Shrinking-the-Communication-Gap/10FCP21128

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