TTD: Things To Do – Enjoy the Journey

Viaje (BYAH-hay) Journey

Thursday, 9.8.11... Tragedy Averted, Sanity Restored.

One week from today, the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints will square off at Lambeau Field. The season-opening kickoff will mark the end of one of the strangest NFL off-seasons in history.

In case you spent the better part of the last six months vacationing in the Weddell Sea, the NFL owners and the players union were engaged in a professional game of “Chicken.” Apparently the technicalities involved in dividing up the $12B generated by the pigskin tussling were quite challenging.

Wi-Fi strength is weak right around here....

But tragedy was averted.

National sanity has been restored.

Fantasy Football Drafts were promptly scheduled.

Neurologists breathed a collective sigh of relief – the concussions will continue… thank heavens.


But for individuals trying to run the business of managing an NFL team, the 135-day lockout changed the scope of their work. Five months of critical business activity, like signing draft picks and free agents, got crammed into five days.

How would your business change if you had to do 5 months of work in 5 days?

Among other things, it sure would test your strategy.

You’d better have a solid To Do List.

More importantly, you’d better have an incredible NOT To Do List.

But in a recent Sports Illustrated article written by the venerable Peter King (, one General Manager (GM) was focused on something other than strategy.

Thomas Dimitroff, the GM of the Atlanta Falcons, highlighted the importance of having fun.


GM’s aren’t supposed to have fun. They are supposed to work 20-hour days, sleep under their desks, bitch about fat 22-year-old left tackles, and curse like drunken sailors.

Hasn’t Dimitroff watched Hard Knocks?

When Smitty and I came here in 2008,” he said, referring to his coach, “one of my goals was that we were going to enjoy this journey. We were going to create an environment where people liked coming to work and building a great product. So when we’re negotiating [a] contract, it’s not like I’ll say to Nick Polk, ‘Get this damn thing done, Nick!‘ This is part of the process, so let’s enjoy it. And if we can’t, let’s at least enjoy the challenge of building the team in a time when football’s changing.

Have you ever made a goal of “enjoying the journey” ? Can you make a SMART goal (Specific / Measurable / Attainable / Relevant / Timely) to “enjoy the journey” over the next 6 months?


What gets measured gets done, right?

Everyone is busy.

Everyone is stressed.

Everyone has a laundry list of TTD’s: Things To Do.


Don’t forget to do your part “to create an environment where people liked coming to work and building a great product.”

Don’t forget to enjoy the ride.


Go Saints!


Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He likes Antarctica, Peter King and any team playing the Packers. Hartmann has had his share of concussions and is not a fan. Read Hartmann’s recent article on Shrinking the Communication Gap here:–Shrinking-the-Communication-Gap/10FCP21128

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  1. Good stuff Brad!

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