How d’you say…?

Read on to see what the hell this means....



There is no better way to start learning Spanish than to just get out there and find out for yourself.


So how do we do that?


One commitment.

Two steps.

Three words.


Step Uno: Walk up to a Spanish-speaker.

Step Dos: Say “¿Cómo se dice….?” and point to something.



¿Cómo se dice….?

How do you say….?

(KOH-moh  say  DEE-say)



Roughly 73.5% of the time (No – there is no statistical analysis to support this claim. None at all. But it’s right.) you will get a one-word answer. Repeat it back to the Spanish-speaker to confirm and that’s it. Well done!


Now – how do we remember it?


Well, you can memorize it. It is only 5 syllables. You’ve successfully memorized the original members of the Dream Team, remembering this shouldn’t be completely out of the question for a bright individual like yourself.


Mullin is pastier than Bird. Wow.


But that’s not how we roll here at Red Angle….


We remember it by thinking of Perry “Como saying DC.

More or less…..


Como say DC.

Como + say + DEE-say




If not, just memorize it.







Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He wants to learn more about Perry Como, likes Washington DC, and loves the original Dream Team, especially Chris Mullin. Read Hartmann’s recent article on solving problems with Spanish:ñol-/10FCP21292

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