Golden Arches Educación


Los Arcos de Oro

(AHR-kohs day OH-roh)

Golden Arches


I walked into the McDonald’s on Higgins today in Schaumburg, IL and saw this. It was the first thing I saw.


Eatery Imagery

A few thoughts….


1. Nothing says, “Welcome to our eatery!” like 5000 words in size 2 font. Nope. Not lovin’ it.


2. Official Rules… to what? Monopoly, I learned upon closer inspection. Monopoly wasn’t translated into Spanish.

3. Why isn’t Monopoly translated? Monopolio (moh-noh-POH-lee-oh) is in my Top 10 list of favorite Spanish words all-time. Monopolio…. it sounds like a wicked medical cross-pollination of Mono (you know – the high school kissing ailment) and Polio, the acute viral infectious disease. That would be one serious disease, not a board game.


4. Reglas (RAY-glah) isn’t a Spanish Twin (a word that is identical or nearly identical in Spanish & English), but it is a Spanish Cousin. Think regulation… rule.


5. Oficial (oh-fee-SYAHL) is a Spanish Twin = Official.


6. McDonald’s was featured in Fast Company Magazine’s 2010 Masters of Design story. It talked about the $2.4 billion plan to change the way I think about Los Arcos de Oro. I’m assuming this poster was not part of their plan.


Diseño (dee-SAYN-yoh) Design
Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He likes the Filet O’ Fish, great design, and Fast Company. His new book, Spanish Twins, will be on digital shelves everywhere later this month – Stay tuned!

Pre-Order Available at

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  1. Great to see that your company,and your book are moving along so well. I remember working with you in Graduate school and watching your passion for short and long term goals.
    Keep up the good work _ look forward to reading the book- mejor de las suertes

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