Wilco Mundo + Ángulo Rojo

McCartney, Lennon, Jagger, The Boss.... Tweedy


With apologies to a few little known bands named The Beatles (Los Escarabajos), Springsteen (El Jefe) and The Rolling Stones (Las Piedras Rodandos), Chicago’s very own Wilco is the finest band of all time.


Hyperbole? Maybe.

There…. I said it.


And to commemorate Wilco’s (www.wilcoworld.net) latest album, The Whole Love, below is the Top 10 Most Interesting Song Titles, Translated from Wilco’s superb discography.


Available now.


1. Laminated Cat :: Gato Laminado


2. Muzzle of Bees :: Bozal de Abejas


3. Summerteeth :: Dientes de Verano


4. Casino Queen :: Reina Casinera


5. California Stars :: Estrellas de California


6. Hell is Chrome :: Infierno es Cromo


7. Ashes of American Flags :: Cenizas de Banderas Americanas


8. You Are My Face :: Eres Mi Cara


9. Bull Black Nova :: Toro Negro Doesn’t Go


10. Rising Red Lung :: Pulmón Rojo Ascendiendo



Hat-tip to Wilco for their Spanish representation on their website….




Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (www.redanglespanish.com), a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He loves Wilco. Obviously. But he doesn’t encourage the wholesale lamination of cats… or another animals for that matter.


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  1. LOL. I especially liked Toro Negro Doesn’t Go. They’re a great band.

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