Spanish Twin 4-Pack



With the countdown on for the launch of Red Angle’s first book – Spanish Twins – we’re going to cover four Spanish Twins that you can use on the jobsite tomorrow.


What is a Spanish Twin? Spanish Twins are words that are the same – or nearly the same – in English and Spanish. They are twins. Spanish Twins scream from the rooftop, “If you are fluent in English, you already know a ton of Spanish!” You know what the words mean, you know how to spell them, you just need to tweak the pronunciation.

  1. Cone :: Cono (KOH-noh)
  2. Barricade :: Barricada (bah-ree-KAH-dah)
  3. Gasoline :: Gasolina (gah-soh-LEE-nah)
  4. Concrete :: Concreto (kohn-KRAY-toh)


Add this in front of the Spanish Twin to get someone’s atención:


¡Oye Vato!

(OY-yay BAH-toh)

Hey Dude!


The Vato Abides



Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He’s happy about his new book, Spanish Twins, and is always happy when watching The Big Lebowski.


Pre-Order now at

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