Road Guerrero

Former baseball player Peter Warrior.


Red Angle business had me traveling to the great state of Minnesota the last few days. Here are a few Spanish takeaways from the trip.



(TOOH-sah day OH-roh)

Golden Gopher


Lots of Golden Gopher gear around The Twin Cities. Much preferable to all the purple Vikings paraphernalia….



Not to be confused with Una Ardilla... a squirrel.








Driving from Chicago to The Twin Cities it’s hard to avoid Wisconsin. It’s also hard not to notice the dead deer lining the shoulder of I-94. While rotting deer carcasses are far more effective than rumble strips when you start to drift off the road while reaching in the backseat for a bag off BBQ potato chips, after a while the Dead Bambi Bonanza starts to wear on your soul….


To remember venado, think of venison – deer meat.


PS – whatever you do… never Google “dead deer” around your kids. It will change things between you forever.




(ah-HAYN-tay  koh-mayr-SYAHL)



The drywall labor market in MN is going through some fascinating changes (this is the nerdiest sentence I’ve written in a long time, but it is interesting….) in recent months, involving numerous levels of labor brokers arbitrating the dialogue. Residential home building Purchasing Agents are less than thrilled with the market excitement.


Agente Comercial (Commercial Agent) is an obvious Spanish Twin that is easy to remember.




Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He’s enjoys Minnesota, venison, and dynamic changes in the drywall labor market. His new book, Spanish Twins, is available for purchase at >> Spanish Twins

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