Turkey, Hangovers, and Giving Thanks.

El horror!


With the Thanksgiving hangover clouding our visión and the last waves of tryptophan slowly coursing through our veins, let’s review some Spanish… to be thankful for.







By the time Thanksgiving arrives the NHL hockey season is underway, so Pavo reminds me of The Russian Rocket – former NHL scoring champ Pavel Bure. Ask anyone who knows… this dude was a turkey (OK – full disclosure. I know next to nothing about hockey but have collected plenty of useless trivia over the years, including random NHL minutiae. If you are a hockey fan, please confirm or deny Pavel Bure’s turkiness. Thanks.).


This dude sure looks like a turkey.



Pavo Bure!







I remember this because of the “sack” sound in the middle of the word. Certainly relevant because when you’re hungover you feel like a sack of…. ok, you get the idea. And the “Re-” at the beginning fits because we all know this isn’t your first ride on the binge rodeo.







Did you see this stunt yesterday during the Lions – Packers game? You know what I’m thankful for? Not having a 6’ 4” 310 pound man stomp on my arm.


Be thankful for a 3-game suspension.




(BYAYR-nays  NAY-groh)

black Friday


The appeal of Black Friday alludes me. Can I not buy this stuff online?


Locura Pura.





(mooh-CHEE-see-mahs  GRAH-syahs)

many thanks


You already know mucho means a lot. Adding the suffix -ísimas to the end of it is like (cue teenage valley girl voice), taking it up, like, a million percent, like fer real.  


Muchísimas gracias for reading!



Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (www.redanglespanish.com), a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He’s enjoys gravy-drenched dark meat, Zach Galifianakis, and 3-game suspensions for arm-stomping.

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