Sal and Your Pal

Pinche Diciembre.


With winter bearing down on us, it’s high time to review two of the most important nouns of the season: Salt and Shovel.

SAL (sahl) salt

If you happen to have an Italian snow removal guy, you’re all set. “Sal sells the salt.” Booyah. Dunzo.

Sal… Salt.

Get it?

If you can pay Sal Fasano to pitch some salt on your driveway when it snows... Salt (sal) will be easy to remember.


OK – if you don’t have an Italian snow removal guy, no worries. You may have noticed Sal is a Spanish Twin – a word that is identical or nearly identical in English & Spanish.  Drop the “T” from Salt and you’re there!


PALA (PAH-lah) shovel


No Spanish Twin here, but there is an easy way to store Pala in your long-term memory bank. Think about this: When it snows, who is your best friend… Who is your buddy… Who is your pal?


Are you thinking about John Winger from Stripes and the Aunt Jemima Treatment scene? OK, me too…. but stay focused.

Juan Winger and the Tía Jemima Treatment.


Again, the question – Who is your bestest pal when it snows? Who is your Pal A? Not Pal B, not Pal C or D…. Who is your Pal A?


The shovel.

Your Pal A.

Your Pala.

Pala = Shovel


So much to captionate, so little time.... Buy American Sal.




Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He’s enjoys Snowboarding, Stripes, and Chinese burlap sacks filled with pure American Salt. He wrote a book. You should buy it.

Available through:, Amazon Kindle, or Apple's iBookstore.

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