Sick and Tired so Early in 2012…

Juan Caramelo está enfermo.


The new year has delivered the Redanglespanish family illness and pain. Post-consumption projectile behavior is common. 2012’s inaugural post will be brief and sickly.




(ay-STAHS  ayn-FAYR-moh)

You sick?


Been saying this a lot lately to Redanglespanish Jr. Use the estás from ¿Cómo estás?  (How are you?) and then think of Infirmary.




(TOH-may  tooh  may-dee-SEE-nah)

Take your meds.


Think of Jim Thome taking his medicina. And no, this isn’t an underhanded way of questioning his 600+ homers…. Or is it?



Jim Thome tu medicina, porfa.




(HWAY-gohs  day AHM-bray)

The Hunger Games


Apt timing on this one – Santa brought the The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and I’m halfway through the first book. And since I can’t keep much down… Katniss is hungry, Peeta is hungry, I’m hungry. We’re all hungry.


Hambre aint no game.




Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He is a fan of John Candy, Jim Thome and The Hunger Games trilogy. OK, well, at least half of the first one…. But if you are looking to buy a book, buy this:

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