Be like Joe Montana. Be a Stud.

Joe Montante


Drywall is installed to the studs. If the studs are not straight, the drywall won’t be straight. Fairly straightforward, right?


Simply check the straightness of the studs prior to the drywall. Not after. Before. Seems so logical.


Then why are bowed walls ever an issue? Even if it happens only once every 2000 linear feet of wall, it’s still too much. The time and energy involved in the Rework – pulling the base, cutting the wall open, the majestic artistry of skim coating, Sahara-style sanding, holding an international press conference with the owners to see if it’s good enough…. Ugh. Hiring the surveying crew with their laser levels and applying a Level 5 finish would have been more cost effective.


Doing it right the first time is the best answer. Sure. But… it never hurts to have a second (or third…) set of eyes review it one last time before the board is hung. I talk to my drywallers and have them keep an eye out for any suspicious areas. They are professionals. They know what to look for. And in my experience, they are more than willing to help.


Don’t speak Spanish?


Well, let’s fix that.


Last week we reviewed the PUEDE Payday – once you learn PUEDE, everyday becomes Payday because of all the dinero and time you’re saving. PUEDE means, “Can you…”


Puede Payday (PWAY-day) Can you...


Now we’ll add a little Spanglish – CHEQUEAR (chay-kay-AHR) to check.


¿Puede CHEQUEAR? = Can you check?


Academics and linguistic purists look down their noses at Spanglish.


So what.


We’re not here to win honorary degrees. We’re not here looking for their tacit approval or tenure. We’re here to stay on schedule and deliver on the promises we made – on time, under budget.


Because our goal is to enlist the help of our Hispanic drywalling friends, let’s review how to say Studs. 

Studs = Montantes (mohn-TAHN-tays)


Watch this quick 75 second video from Red Angle Academy and I guarantee you’ll remember how to say Montante.


Let’s pull it all together:

¿Puede chequear los montantes? = Can you check the studs?


And because your mama taught you well, throw in a courtesy “Porfa” – which is short for “Por favor” thank you.

¿Puede chequear los montantes, porfa?


Approach the drywall crew and say this to 5 guys. It’ll be 3.5 minutos well spent. Be like Joe Montana. Be a stud.


José Montante - Puede chequear los montantes?


Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He is a fan of Joe Montana, drywall crews, and Payday’s unique blend of peanuts, caramel and all natural corn syrup.

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