Month: March 2012

Predator Spanish

          I attended a great hockey game last night between the Nashville Predators and the Colorado Avalanche. There was plenty of scoring, a few fights, a small angry pugilist on skates with a brilliant apellido (Tootoo)… Read More ›

Time to Decido

  The March 5th cover of Time Magazine has headshots of 19 Latinos with the title, “Yo Decido.” Yo means “I” and Decido is a Spanish Twin meaning “Decide” (day-SEE-doh). I decide. The Spanish phrase is a first in Time’s… Read More ›


  With March 1st upon us already, it’s high time we cover a trio of time-related 3-letter words. 3-letter words aren’t nearly as common in Spanish as they are in English, so this time-sensitive triumvirate is rather exciting for us… Read More ›