La Manía de marzo


March Madness has bestowed upon us the annual El Dulce Dieciséis (The Sweet 16). Coupled with El Día de San Patricio (St. Patty’s Day), there are a lot of people with hoarse voices. At least in the Red Angle familia….


Speaking of “La Manía de marzo,” there are muchísimas Spanish Twins when it comes to describing Madness.


(NOTA: in Spanish the names of the months are not capitalized. Why? Well, the short answer is “Just because.” The long answer will require me to either make something up or do some research – neither of which I am currently in the mood to do.)



LOCURA :: (loh-KOOH-rah)

same word family as LOCA, as in “livin la vida loca.” Meh.


DELIRIO :: (day-LEE-ryoh)

a la delirium



DEMENCIA :: (day-MAYN-syah)




INSANIA :: (een-SAHN-yah)

very close to Insanity


LINSANIA :: (leen-SAHN-yah)






MANÍA :: (mah-NEE-ah)

Identical Spanish Twin.



PARANOIA :: (pah-rah-NOH-yah)



CONFUSIÓN :: (kohn-fooh-SYOHN)




And because the “ROJO” in Red Angle comes from my ginger red hair, here is a tip o’ the hat to Mis Raices Irlandés (My Irish Roots).



SAN PATRICIO :: (sahn pah-TREE-syoh)

Saint Patrick



CERVEZA VERDE :: (sayr-BAY-sah BAYR-day)

Green beer



In Chicago every año, the city dyes the Chicago River El Color Verde.


RÍO VERDE :: (REE-oh BAYR-day)

Green River



Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He’s got Kentucky, UNC, Michigan State, and Ohio State in “El Cuatro Final.” 

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