Marketing Es Arte: How to Improve Yours

Heresy or Reality?


Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending The Art of Marketing conference in downtown Chicago. The audience witnessed some real talent, numerous business insights, and an all-around kick in the tail regarding marketing and (un)common sense.

Below were a few of my takeaways, in order of appearance….



Keith Ferrazzi :: High energy, humorous, relationship guru. 

Never Eat Alone ::


Identifying goals is clearly important, but also spend time identifying the individuals who can help you reach your goals.


Identify Goals, Identify People, and then develop a plan to help them first.


Of the individuals that can help you reach your goal, quantify the strength of your relationships with them using a numerical system:

-1 = Strained relationships

0 = They don’t know you from Moses 

1 = The know you exist

2 = On friendly terms

3 = Have used the bathroom in their home


I took some liberties in explaining the scoring system, but you get the idea. How can you increase your relational score by delivering value to them first?

Ask this question: “What can I do to make YOU more successful?








Avanish Kaushik :: Web Analytics Savant   @avanish

Funniest Indian I have seen since Aziz Ansari…


If you are only measuring Website Hits (How Idiots Teach Success), Impressions, Eyeballs, and Likes… you are an Idiot.


Instead, measure Bounce Rate (aka “I came, I puked, I left.”), Page Speed (for every 1 second delay in loading time you lose 7% of the audience) and Abandonment Rate (I have my wallet out and want to buy, but the 12 steps to purchase tick me off, so I leave.)


Always consider Economic Value: Does it drive Revenue and/or Increase Engagement?


Two Answers every website should look to understand with clarity:

  1. Why are you here?
  2. Were you able to complete your task?

For a guidepost to Facebook Marketing leadership, check out the BMW Facebook page.







Gary Vaynerchuk :: Acerbic, profane, (almost) brilliant marketer



Quit allowing your corporation to act like a 19-year old boy – always trying to close on the first date. Start a conversation. Deliver value first. Understand how you can help before shoving product down their throat.


Very simply: Give a sh** about your customers.


Forget the term “social.” It’s all marketing. It’s just different platforms. The core message hasn’t changed: It’s all about connecting with your customers and delivering them value first. Period.


Use Twitter to learn about your customers.


Use Twitter/search to see what is being said about you. Daily.


Q: What’s the ROI of social media?

A: What’s the ROI of your mother?

The Rub: Don’t get caught up in going all MBA on social media – use it as a platform to deliver value first with your customers & prospects.






Seth Godin :: Global Marketing Idol


This guy is a genius. Buy all his books. Read them once each year.


Technology now allows you to connect with other weirdos like yourself all over the world – Stand up and lead your tribe.


The TV Industrial Complex is Dead (Create product, Buy ads on TV, Sell product, Buy more ads, Sell product… on & on in perpetuity…)


Be Different. Stand out. Don’t appeal to everyone, appeal to someone.


In the DVR age, Attention is the asset of future. You earn attention by getting Permission to deliver messages to your tribe. Your messages must be 3 things:

  1. Anticipated
  2. Relevant
  3. Personal


If your messages are not all 3 – it’s Spam. Sorry.


If you consider your product a Commodity, it’s only because you as a Marketer have chosen to give up.





Mitch Joel :: Digital Marketing Thought-leader


Don’t get caught up in the details of technology and social media. Simply use these tools to create direct relationships with your customers.


Is your marketing Active or Passive? Is it a one-way ticket out of town or are you engaging your customers to learn more about them?


The future is Mobile and it’s coming fast… if it’s not here already. How does your website look on Mobile? Fix it.







Randi Zuckerberg :: Facebook sister, Marketer

She seemed very nice, ran the Chicago Marathon years ago. I left early after a few Facebook stories to catch the train. Sorry.





Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He has lots of work to do on Red Angle marketing….

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  1. Bradley,

    This was great. Perhaps you should be teaching marketing. I’ve been reading stuff on Digital Marketing for the past 7 months and you captured it all in 7 minutes.


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