Buy Latino. Buy a Buick.

Have you seen this commercial?

A blue clad Shaq walks towards some new Buick that actually looks like something a regular person (Shaq is not regular in any sense of the word) would drive.

Subtitles identify Shaq as a size authority. I reject this premise. He may be an authority on being a ginormous human, but I doubt he relates much to the little guy in Game of Thrones – Peter Dinklage. Peter has size too, you know. Smaller, but still a size.


Shaq, an authority on being Giant? Sure.

But an authority on size in general? I think not.

I may be splitting hairs here, but c’mon….


At any rate, Shaq gets in the car and folds himself up like a lawn chair. He mumbles something and points at the camera while that ubiquitous Florida song comes on.

At this point, I have several questions:

  1. Does anyone really believe Shaq drives a Buick?
  2. Shaq retired last year – is he already low on cash?
  3. Wasn’t Shaq going to become a beat cop after the NBA?
  4. When is Kazaam II coming out?



OK, OK… you may be wondering: Where exactly do Buick and Latinos intersect in this Shaq-errific post?


No, Shaq is not Latino. While Buick may believe Shaq is all things to all people – he aint Latino.

But Buick is. Buick’s new ride is the VERANO (bay-RAH-noh) Summer.

Presumably the Buick Verano (summer) will pull into el garaje (gah-RAH-hay) next to the Buick Terraza (tay-RRAH-sah), which means Deck or Terrace.


Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on Buick. After all, they are helping bridge the language gap one carro at a time.




Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He likes the look of the Buick Verano. Not so much the Terraza…

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