Find Pencil on Beach. Then You Die.

Lapiz (LAH-pees) Pencil


I cannot stop watching this video.



The guy cheerfully finds a pencil on the beach. That’s him yelling LAPIZ (LAH-pees) before getting mowed down by the Orca.


Then the ad says, “No todos los lapices dan suerte… solo el lapiz La Suerte de La Sirena.

Not all pencils give you luck, just The Lucky Pencil  from La Sirena.” Let’s break that down a bit….


TODOS (TOH-dohs) All (think TOTAL….)





SOLO (SOH-loh) Only




Back to the Orca Slam: Why would a Lapiz company want to profit from a brutal Orca attack? Well, to state the obvious – they want to sell más lapices.


But the video is not real. Thankfully. I Snoped it.


And no, that fact won’t stop me from watching it a few more times.





Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He does not use pencils. 


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