Griping About La Gripe

In this post, I’m griping about the GRIPE.




the flu


When people have the flu, they often gripe, whine, moan, and otherwise feel sorry for themselves. I’d like to do this. Like George Costanza… I yearn to do this. But I have been deprived of this conventional behavior because the entire Redanglespanish family has LA GRIPE in one state or another.


Do you ever yearn?



Yesterday, Redanglespanish, Jr. (the 8-month old) unbelievably managed to unload #1 and #2 on the in-law’s miniature schnauzer. Moments later, he threw up on the dog. Too much información, I know. But really – it’s kinda amazing.


Oh, and now the in-laws are sick too.


Here is some sick Spanish for you. Hat tip to a great post from Vocabat aka Katie Jacoby and her Sicko post 2 weeks ago. You can read it here.

Being Sick in Colombian Spanish





sick… Think of the infirmary….




(gahr-DAHN-doh  KAH-mah)

bedridden… Think “guarding the bed





virus… Identical Spanish Twin!





to vomit… Another Spanish Twin!




Me siento maluco

(may SYAYN-toh  mah-LOOH-koh)

I feel lousy












Not medicina, that’s more of the academic variety. Medicamentos are what you take to get better. Medicina is what 90% of all actors pretend to do on TV that are not on some Law & Order and/or CSI spinoff.


CSI: No más porfa….


Hola NyQuil… Hasta luego, mundo….




Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He is going to bed.

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  1. Nice, lots of twins. Lots more, too: hospital, doctor/médico, temperatura, fiebre, inyección, etc. A million more that I can’t think of right now.

    I’d be careful about maluco/a- as far as I know, that’s very regional, Colombia/Venezuela. More standard would be to simply say Me siento mal.

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