Be My Guest… Sooner or L8R.


After 80+ posts… we officially have our first Guest Spot. Corey Walz is Red Angle’s talented Director Creativo. He is on loan for the next 90 days and like everyone at Red Angle – he’s got something to say. Some of it in English, some of it in Spanish, all of it in the hopes it may be helpful to someone, in some way, at some time.




As el Director Creativo for Red Angle, I am somewhere between Employee and Intern… with an emphasis on Intern. I am also currently in between years 4 and 5 of my collegiate career at the University of Oklahoma. Barring the end of the world in Diciembre, I am going to graduate next May with degrees in International Business/Marketing and a minor in Spanish.



Graduación is fast approaching for me. As many of mis amigos have witnessed already, the jobs market out there is similar to swimming in Lake Michigan in February: cold, miserable, and only slightly better than Gary, IN. That being said, I am convinced we can find jobs if we work hard enough.

Dr. J. Rufus Fears from the University of Oklahoma points the way. “When presented with a problem, the greatest leaders in history had a clear view of what It was. The leaders then established a good short-term solution that maintained a positive long-term effect.”

How does this affect me?

My problem – my challenge – was getting a job doing something I felt passionate about (Spanish and Business). The short-term solución was to learn Spanish and obtain an internship/job (but closer to an internship) helping me develop my Spanish skills. The long-term benefits of this achievement are many. Regardless of what the future holds, I will have the advantage of a second language and having worked in an organization that gave me the range to work on multiple projects that continued to not only evolve my Spanish IQ, but my understanding of Marketing, Sales, and Writing as well.


So here I work, in the short-term. Learning daily. Working hard. Loving every second of it.

But always with one eye on el futuro….

I will be back in the job market soon enough, as many of us will be. Then, as now, I’ll frame the challenge with the words of Dr. J. Rufus Fears.


Define your problem.

Find your short-term solución.

Ensure it will have positive long-term effects.

Take control of your future.


Seriously, it is your future, why should you let someone else dictate it for you?





Corey Walz is el Director Creativo at Red Angle in Chicago. He hails from South Bend, IN, attends the University of Oklahoma in Norman and misses Spain.

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