How Charlie Brown’s Safety Gear Can Save Your Face.


High-visibility vests are important on the job. They make you more noticeable, like the shining star you are. And if not that, high-vis vests are very handy on a dark, mid-January morning when a drowsy cement truck skipper hasn’t had his 24 oz. Monster drink yet and he almost pancakes your face.



We don’t want that.

You’d be missed.

So wear a CHALECO.










To remember CHALECO, think about all the downtime Charlie Brown has. Yeah… that Charlie Brown. I mean, you see him at Thanksgiving. Then you see him at Christmas. What’s he doing the other 11 months of the year?



I’ll tell you what he’s doing: Selling high-vis vests at a little company called Charlie Co. In an attempt to save the company assets following his ugly divorce from Lucy (she was always a piece of work….), he moved Charlie Co. HQ to London, so now everyone calls it CHALECO (don a British accent and say “Charlie Co”…) – which makes good sense with their sales of high-visibility vests.


Charlie Co = Chaleco = Vest



We all should have seen this coming from Charlie, right? The entrepreneurial high-visibility vest company?



Just look at his favorite shirt (his only shirt?) as a kid.

Hello? Hola?


Yellow camisa…. Black lines…. It’s a Safety Shirt!


Bright yellow shirt?

Black lines to accentuate the translucent yellow?

Just like the high-vis vests on the job.




Charlie Brown has always been a fan of CHALECOS; of course he’d start his own company selling them.



So to remember CHALECO, think about Charlie Brown and his high-visibility vest company based on his iconic garb – CHALECO.



VEST :: CHALECO :: (chah-LAY-koh)








Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. Don’t be too judgmental of Lucy… she’s been through a lot.

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