¿Cómo se dice… Punky QB?



This past Sunday the Chicago Bears hosted their official Comcast Hispanic Day.  Corey Walz was on location to speak Spanish. And to bag on Comcast for continually distributing broken hardware with cockroaches living in them. 



Since football is our national passion, why don’t we share it with the rest of the world? Well, as luck would have it, we do.  I don’t mean that freaky version our neighbors to the north play…. Multiple Fluties? 20-yard end zones? C’mon, eh?



I’m talking about mis compas down south. Yes, our friends down in Latin America are beginning to follow our beastly version of their beautiful game. Comcast mixed clichés in their Comcast Hispanic Day promoting their Triple Play, but the fact is Football, not fútbol nor beísbol, is growing rapidly among the US Hispanic population.


And no, it’s not due to bizarro Michael Vick, Ron Mexico.



With Bears mascot Staley the Bear wearing a sombrero and poncho fulfilling the most stereotypical image of Mexicans everywhere, Los Osos (and Roberto Garza) have ushered in a new era of fans, Hispanics. So let’s welcome our Hispanic brethren and learn a few Spanish terms so we can bridge the language gap on the gridiron.



Running Back: Corredor (a Runner, not shocking)

Receiver: Receptor (Another barn burner)

Quarterback: Quarterback

End zone: La zona de anotación

Kickoff: La patada

Offense: El ataque (An attack. Cool right?)

Defense: La defensa  (Spanish Twin)

Punt: Despeja (it means “to clear,” so I guess that works?)

Referee: Árbitro (think “arbitration”)

Return: El retorno (Spanish Twin)

Yard: Yarda (“Tres yardas y un nube de polvo.”)



Hispanics will soon be as addicted to the NFL as we are. So let’s embrace our shared national pastime and start a conversation. Like Dad always says, “Find common ground and start a conversación from there.


Football is almost every American’s common ground regardless of race, so start a conversation from there. You won’t be sorry… unless they are a Packers fan.


Visit nfl.univision.com to brush up on your NFL Spanish.

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