Spanish by Pitbull… ¡Dale!



You know who Pitbull is?

No, not what a Pitbull is… who.

He’s a rapper, I suppose.

He’s all over the place these days. He must be – he calls himself Mr. Worldwide.

Among other things, he’s a spokesman for Cola DDS  (Dr. Pepper), he looks creepy without his sunglasses, and he’s trying to make a billion out of fifteen cents. His latest song “Back in Time” is on high-rotation and it includes a brilliant sample of Mickey & Sylvia’s classic, Love is Strange. Not since Dirty Dancing has this song been so popular.



Anyway, my brother asked me what Dale (DAH-lay) means in Spanish. Apparently Dale (NOT pronounced like the Aloha-shirt wearing two-toothed chipmunk) is Pitbull’s personal tagline. At first, I thought my brother was mispronouncing Ándale (AHN-dah-lay) which means C’mon, Giddeyup!… más o menos. Speedy Gonzalez was always saying Ándale.



No, no, no, no, says my brother.

It’s definitely Dale. Apparently it’s written on billboards next to Pitbull chugging his medical brown sugary water. 


And so it is.


Dale is one of those Spanish words that means a lot… and nothing at all. It depends on context. Dale comes from the Infinitive Dar: to give. So it can mean “Give it” or “Do it” or “Go ahead.” Plenty of room for clever double entendres for Mr. Bull.


In construction Dale could be used to tell someone to hammer in a nail or to take a whack at something.       

So Dale… use Dale and make something happen.







Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (, a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He thinks “Back in Time” is one catchy ditty.





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