Los Ataques del 11-S



As Americans remember the unbelievable tragedy of 9-11, it’s important to know we are not alone in commemorating this anniversary. Around the globe people of all races are taking pause to remember 9-11.


CNN México is streaming live the ceremonies at Ground Zero. CNN also has multiple links to articles, images and video from 9-11. Culled from that content, below are several key words or frases from an event that none of us will ever forget.



LOS ATAQUES del 11-S en EU

Los Ataques (ah-TAH-kays) is a straightforward Spanish Twin. The verb Atacar means to attack.


When discussing dates in English we say the month, followed by the date and then the year. If you think about, this is a bit odd. It would be easier to follow along if the date was expressed in time durations from Smallest to Largest (day > month > year) or Largest to Smallest (year > month > day). We don’t do either and it’s confusing to non-native speakers.


In Spanish, they go with the Smallest to Largest (think el Cinco de Mayo) which is why the headline reads 11-S: el once de septiembre.


Note: months and days of the week are not capitalized en Español.


EU does not mean the European Union. That would make no sense in this post. It’s short for Estados Unidos… or United States – two more Spanish Twins.






Two more Spanish Twins. Both will take some practice to say correctly, but you’ve never been afraid of giving a little effort….













Más Spanish Twins. Familiares (fah-mee-lee-AHR-ays) means family or relatives. Víctimas (BEEK-tee-mahs) means victims, as you suspected. Remember V’s are pronounced as B’s in Spanish (think Bince Baughn, Bictoria Beckham, and Bincent Ban Gogh) and keep the emphasis on the first syllable.


If you forget where the emphasis, that’s OK. There is that helpful accent mark over the i to help you out….








Twins – Gemelas (hay-MAY-lahs), sadly is not a Spanish Twino…. But Torre (TOH-rray) tower is, so one-fer-two aint bad.


For Torre, think of Hall of Famer José Tower.



Leaning Tower of Joe






Yeah – you could read any of these articles in Spanish and follow along quite well given the numerous Spanish Twins.


Nueva York :: New York

(nooh-AY-bah  yohrk)




Pentágono :: Pentagon



Again – keep an eye on the accent mark….






HONOR (oh-NOHR) Honor

For the 3000+ victims of 9-11 and the millions more affected…. Remember.



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