Want Some Innovation Inspiration?



What’s new in muffin making?

This is what.




Marketing genius Seth Godin says there is no such thing as a commodity; those who describe their product as such have simply given up on marketing.


Krusteaz One Step muffin mix is proof you can innovate upon just about any product. Despite a ridiculous name for a company that makes food products (or is it ridiculously brilliant? Hmmm….), Krusteaz has taken muffins to the next level. Or at least they’ve taken it to a place called Awesome.


Not since Elaine Benes introduced the idea of eating only the muffin tops (Company name: Top of the Muffin To You! Better than “Krusteaz”…) has the muffin-eating universe seen such Innovation.




I’m not joking.


While Krusteaz One Step muffins are not technically “one step,” these muffins are incredibly easy. Fast, unscrewupable,  no mess, and great taste.


Here’s how you make them:

Step 1: Open lid.

Step 2: Add water

Step 3: Put on lid & shake

Step 4: Pour in muffin pan thing.

Step 5: Place in oven.

Step 6: Wait 12 minutes.




Muffin Pan Thing.



Actually, I don’t even make them. My five-year old can do everything minus putting his head in the oven.


Krusteaz One Step muffin mix has become a neat little Saturday morning bonding ritual for us.



What About Your Business?

Think about your products and services. What can be simplified? What can you offer your customers they didn’t know they needed? How can you WOW them?


Steve Jobs famously said it’s not your customer’s job to tell you what they want. If I was in a muffin focus group, I would have said this: “I don’t care because I don’t bake muffins. I never will. I dare you to create muffins so easy I can delegate it to my five-year old.


If your drywall business has been forced into “Transparency” or you’re now being forced to count the number of screws in each sheet of 5/8” to squeak out a profit… what ways can you Krusteazify some aspects of your business?


If you now bid out plumbing contracts assigning 16.52 minutes per toilet installation, what ways can you make doing business with you so easy the builder will gladly pay higher prices?


Set aside time to think about Innovation. Commoditization is a mindset. If Krusteaz can innovate muffins, you can innovate anything.





Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (www.redanglespanish.com), a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry.




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