Why Lime Green Hardhats Eat Fear for Breakfast.




There are three main types of Fear.


The first two affect everyone in one way or another. You’ve got the secret subconscious Fear and the Halloween type of Fear.


Here are some examples of the secret subconscious kind:



I’m afraid that jackass Andrew is getting my promotion.

I’m afraid my BO is acting up today.

I’m afraid I’ll end up with TBB: Toilet Bowl Balding






And you know the Halloween Fear  well….


I watched Paranormal Activity. Now I sleep in the car.

I watched The Ring. Now I only text.

I watched John Carter. Now I’m significantly dumber.



Worst movie I’ve ever seen. Scary-bad.





The funny thing about Fear is we typically go out of our way to avoid it. Yet around Halloween, we seek out Fear. We pay people to frighten us.


That’s interesting.


What’s also interesting is the 3rd type of Fear. This is the “I hope people don’t die on my jobsite” Fear. It affects a narrower band of Americans, but it’s legit.


The results of Deaths and Injuries on the job are scary.


Fatherless families.


Lack of Productivity.




More paperwork.

Bad publicity.


Million dollar settlements.




Scary stuff. 



I was recently speaking to Dan Murphy, Insurance/Risk/Safety guru with Fight Ready, a company that helps employers and insurers defeat Workers Comp claims involving drugs and alcohol through automation & up-to-date state & federal regulations.


Did you know the majority of all injuries take place within 30 days of the guy starting on the job?


No I did not.


The guy is new, he doesn’t know the safety standards, he very well may be drunk or high and before you know it, you got a fatality on your hands.” 


You have any suggestions to stop that? 


“Yes. Lime Green hardhats. Get bright, Lime Green hardhats for all workers within their first 30 days on the job. Make it absolutely clear to everyone onsite who the new people are, so others can look out for them.”



Or pink.



Hmmm, that seems like a good idea. 


“It is. But only a few companies actually follow through with it. Too many excuses…. And then we have body bags onsite.”




So here’s the takeaway….


If you are follicly challenged, shave your head.

Don’t watch John Carter.

Buy Lime Green hardhats for newbies. 





Bradley Hartmann is founder and el presidente at Red Angle (www.redanglespanish.com), a Spanish language training firm focused on the construction industry. He recently published a new book for Purdue University – Safety Spanish: Simple Spanish Skills for Solving Safety Problems.  A non-Purdue edition hits stores in November.


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