God bless América.


There’s a little bit of Español in every one of our 50 estados.

Here’s the rundown.


Vote for your favorite in the comments sección!



Móvil, Alabama

Short for mobile phone.

As for Crimson Tide… that’s Marea Carmesí.



Salcha, Alaska

Female citizens from Salcha are known as Salchichas… whose direct translation is “sausages.”

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 11.39.08 AM



Casa Grande, Arizona 

The Big House, eh?

Isn’t that in Anna Arbor?



El Dorado, Arkansas

The golden one lives in Arkansas. 




Los Gatos, California 

The Cats. No wonder they didn’t bother to translate it.

Real estate values would plummet. 




Las Ánimas, Colorado

The Spirits of Colorado.

Maybe these spirits helped blow the lid off the hookah as CO leads the way in marijuana revenue.



Unión, Connecticut

No, no, no… it’s pronounced (oohn-YOHN  koh-NAYK-tee-koot).



Delmar, Delaware

Of the sea… sure that makes more sense than a Blue Hen :: Gallina Azul.




Boca Ratón, Florida

Rat Mouth, FLA. 

Hmmm, sounds nice there.



Alto, Georgia

Stop sign capital of the south. 




Hilo, Hawaii

Hilo means thread.



Bonanza, Idaho 

Bonanza is an identical Spanish Twin.

It means the same – and is spelled the same – in both English and Spanish. 



Cerro Gordo, Illinois

Fat Hill. 

Sometimes you’re simply born into low self-esteem.



Dale, Indianapolis

Dale – the call sign of Pitbull – means to “hit it.”

Double entendres for everyone! 



Nevada, Iowa
Nevada means snowfall.

Iowa is pronounced (ee-OH-wah).

Let’s keep moving…. 



De Soto, Kansas

A soto is a thicket. 

I’d prefer a thicket over a Jayhawk any day.

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 11.22.43 AM


Sacramento, Kentucky

They take their “sacraments” (horses, bourbon, & church) seriously here.



Olla, Louisiana

Ola means wave.

Hola is accompanied by a wave.

Inundación means flood.



Saco, Maine

It’s a sack.

For all sorts of things….



La Plata, Maryland

The silver. 

Narcotraficante Pablo Escobar’s famous line was: “¿Plata o Plomo?”

“The silver or the lead,” requiring a choice: take the bribe and act accordingly or accept a lead bullet to the face. 



Ayer, Massachusetts


I looked for a town named Hoy (today) – sin suerte.



Palo, Michigan

Hold up your hand… point to the middle of your palm.


That’s Stick, Mich.



Mora, Minnesota


Makes sense – they grow well in climates with 10-month winters.



Como, Mississippi

Unsure of accent marks, this could mean:

  • How, Mississippi
  • Like, Mississippi
  • As, Mississippi
  • I eat, Mississippi

I’d opt for the last one.



Meta, Missouri


If I lived in Missouri, I’d have a goal too….



Malta, Montana


There’s more malt per capita in Montana than any other M-named state.



La Vista, Nebraska

As the great philosopher, Harry Dunn, once remarked while viewing the Nebraska plains, “I thought the Rocky Mountains would be a little rockier than this…”



Caliente, Nevada 

Hot, Nevada.

It’s hot… that’s why they call it The Strip.



Candia, New Hampshire

Sounds like Sandía – watermelon. 



Buena Vista, New Jersey

Sure… but a good view of what?



Socorro, New Mexico

Q: What do you say if you live in Socorro, NM?

A: “Help.”



Elmira, New York

C’mon, man….

It ends in an A… it’s probably Lamira.



Saluda, North Carolina

Thank you, kind sir. 

I salute you too.



Lehr, North Dakota

Leer (lay-AYR) to read.

Make your own joke here.



Solón, Ohio

Sol means sun. 

Adding an -ón on the end means “Strong sunlight.”



El Reno, Oklahoma

The reindeer. 

In OK they’ll shoot just about anything… including Santa’s transportación.



Estacada, Oregon

Fence or Stockade, which makes sense on the rancho.



Alba, Pennsylvania

Dawn…  as in Jessica Dawn.

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 11.30.09 AM


Paz Dale, Rhode Island 

Paz = Peace and ¡Dale! we know is rapper Pitbull’s one-liner.

Paz dale is how you say, “Peace out. Let’s hit it!” 



Campobello, South Carolina

Beautiful countryside.



Hoven, South Dakota

Dakota Sur opted for the phonetic spelling of Joven: youth.



Ramer, Tennessee

After learning the town’s original name (ramera) means “whore, prostitute” in Spanish, they dropped the last A.



Amarillo, Texas

Be careful who you call “yellow” in Tejas.



Mona, Utah

Mona is a female monkey.

I’ll just leave it at that.



Ira, Vermont

Pronounced (EE-rah), ira is a Spanish Twin for ire, fury or rage.



Camas, Washington

Beds, WA.



Ceredo, West Virginia

You say Ceredo, I say Cerrado (closed), let’s call the whole thing off.



Leo, Wyoming

I read, Wyoming.

Aha – so you’re the one! 



Alma, Wisconsin

The “soul” of Wisconsin is a giant wheel of cheddar cheese.



Have a happy – and safe – 4th de julio!




Bradley Hartmann is founder and El Presidente at Red Angle (www.redanglespanish.com), a training and consulting firm bridging the English-Spanish language gap in the construction industry. 

Vote for your fav Spanish city name using the Comments sección below.

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