How you’ll lose money and waste time starting… now.


June 2007.

It was hot and extremely dusty.

We were attempting to close over 300 homes.


One jobsite.

One year.

300 homes.

There was a lot to do.


But there was a halt in the action.

The team was summoned to our double-wide trailer/office.

We hoped the 300 homes was a decent form of job security.


It wasn’t.


The company was eliminating the Project Manager role.

I was a Project Manager.


Lost the title, kept the job.

It was worse for others.


Their titles remained, but their jobs were gone.

For much of the past 6 years, construction has been a bummer for many.


But things are changing.


Calls are being made.

Interviews are being scheduled.


Headhunters are busily making the most of their LinkedIn Premium accounts.

Employees are stocking up on 100% Cotton, 32-pound Southworth Resume Paper.


Now that companies are making money again, they are about to lose a boatload of it as their talent swaggers right out the door.


Your talent is on the move.

So what can you do about it?



Start thinking like McKinsey – the consulting firm.

Sure, they hire MIT PhD’s and Harvard MBA’s by the boxcar, but that’s no reason you can’t think like them.


Ever since Tom Peters and Bob Waterman sparked McKinsey’s “love for knowing what it knew” (as author Duff McDonald put it) with the publication of In Search of Excellence, McKinsey has been diligently cataloguing what it knows.


Each year McKinsey releases books by its consultants.

Each quarter they release the McKinsey Quarterly to their clients and prospects.

As one story goes, a McKinsey consultant submitted a story to the Harvard Business Review. He was turned down. The HBR editor encouraged him to submit it to the McKinsey Quarterly. The guy responded, “Are you kidding? They turned me down months ago.


Each and every time a McKinseyian transforms thoughts in a brain to words on a page – it’s an asset.

It’s an asset that can be shared with the rest of the firm.

It’s an asset that can train new hires.


It can be turned into a video.

It can be burned onto a CD.

It can be downloaded as an MP3.

It can be uploaded as Slide Deck.


A Client asked if Red Angle could help record and edit a series of Lunch & Learns.

Brilliant. And simple.


An hour of training benefits 25 employees immediately.

(And the free lunch helps morale, at least in the office.)

Other employees benefit when the professionally edited video is uploaded to their Learning Management System one week later.


How many future employees will benefit?     

What’s the total lifetime value of this training?


There are numerous methods and apps to capture the collective knowledge wandering your halls right now.






Slide decks.





It’s never been easier to keep the knowledge in your office now… in your office later, with or without those who developed it.


Start now.

Your talent is heading towards the door.


How many future employees could benefit from what your current talent knows?     

What’s the total lifetime value of that training?


I don’t know.

A McKinsey consultant would & should.


One day soon, there will be a halt in the action.

An employee will call you into their office.

You figured the new title and promise of a year-end bonus was a decent form of job security.


It won’t be.


You’ll keep the title, lose the employee.

Your job of re-evaluating and re-hiring and re-training (at best, just to return to the status quo) will be a bummer.


Yep – things are changing.




Bradley Hartmann is founder and El Presidente at Red Angle (, a training and consulting firm bridging the English-Spanish (and a bit of Polish…) language gap in the construction industry.    

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