Eliminating Gravity to Improve Safety and Productivity.

fall tools


In the last Red Angle post we discussed the NFL, concussions and the perverse nature of better safety gear causing more injuries.


Well… I was wrong.


In How to Improve Safety in the NFL: Ban helmets, I argued football helmets represent a false sense of security. The improved helmet technology coupled with the advances in neurological understanding should make the game safer.


But they don’t.

Better helmets result in players thinking they’re “concussion-proof” and they lead with their head when tackling.



This isn’t smart.

More head-banging leads to more head trauma.


Better safety gear = False sense of security = Unsafe behavior = More injuries.



But I recently came across a new line of safety products that render this equation invalid.








I met Billy Mathews, founder and president of Python Safety products, at the AGC Safety & Health Conference in Houston last week.


Python Safety focuses on “drop prevention.”

That is, eliminating falling tools & equipment from heights. I’m guessing their marketing team thought “Gravity-eliminating Safety Gear” sounded a bit pompous.



Python Safety is a triumph over human nature, if not the laws of physics.


Have you ever held the base of an extension ladder while a worker with a belt full of tools waddled up?


Did you look up?


If so, you probably had the unpleasant realization that if one of the tools came loose, your face would be in a great position to catch it.


Python Safety gear eliminates this inevitability.

Yes – it’s inevitable. 

Sooner or later workers drop their tools.


When these tools drop from heights, they become deadly.


The safety concerns are obvious, but the productivity loss is immense as well.

When a roofer drops his tools and no one is injured, you’ve got a near-miss and… you’ve got a roofer without tools.



So Python Safety proved me wrong.


This advancement in safety gear can lead directly to fewer injuries (and improved productivity).


Learn more about Python Safety: www.pythonsafety.com

You may not be able to curb the human tendency to drop things, but you can limit the fall of those things to only a few inches.




Bradley Hartmann is founder and El Presidente at Red Angle (www.redanglespanish.com), a training and consulting firm bridging the English-Spanish language gap in the construction industry.    

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