The Boba Fett Law of Leadership.

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Only 29.


That’s the number of words Boba Fett says in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Yet Mr. Fett is one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars pantheon.



In fact, BF is #79 on Empire Online’s list of 100 Greatest Movie Characters of all-time.


“He took no shit from Darth Vader.

He wore a cool helmet.

He outwitted Han Solo.

He had a jetpack.”



Boba Fett is a star.


From this unlikely star arises the Boba Fett Law of Leadership: When your team is loaded with stars, you’re in a better position to win the war.



Stars aren’t born.

You need to create stars.

Yes… you.



Star Wars manufactured and sold Boba Fett.

They made him available.

They made him a star.





In fact, they made every Star Wars character a star.


They miniaturized and manufactured every character who ever made it into a single frame of the movie.

And they still sell them today.



When your team is loaded with stars, you’re in a better position to win the war.



Here is the corollary to the Boba Fett Law of Leadership: To load your team with stars, you need to motivate, train & market them.



Yes – market them.



Middle managers often feel the need to be involved in everything.

Approve everything.

Squeeze all the details, lest something falls through the cracks.



That’s not leadership.

That’s micromanagement.



Middle managers should delegate as much as possible to the talent, undeveloped or mature.

Make them the stars.

Manufacture your Boba Fetts.



For example, I was reprimanded years ago for creating trading cards for my team.

(And rightfully so… I was like a one-man Donruss.)




The cards featured my Superintendents. They listed their hometown, alma mater, number of homes built each year of their career, awards received, and custom satisfaction scores.



The cards made each Super a star.



This was enlightened self-interest.

I wanted my homeowners, active adults with high standards and all the free time in the world, to know the talented individuals building and servicing their homes.






Because I wasn’t going to get involved when they found a scratch on the underside of the dummy knob on the closet door in the fourth bedroom. My star performer named _______________ would handle it. That’s why they were there.



My team of stars was motivated, trained, and marketed to handle these situations.



On occasion, I’d speak to a disgruntled homeowner.

I’d recall the Boba Fett Rule of Leadership.


I’d listen intently to everything the homeowners had to say… and then there would be an awkward 15-second silence at the end. The confused homeowner would fill the void, informing me that’s all they had to say.


Then I’d mention my team of stars and how I support their decisions.


I’d say about 29 words.


Now think of your team.

Who is your next Boba Fett?

How are you creating your stars?


When your team is loaded with stars, you’re in a better position to win the war.




Bradley Hartmann is founder and El Presidente at Red Angle (, a training and consulting firm bridging the English-Spanish (and a bit of Polish…) language gap in the construction industry.

To check out our Safety Spanish program for yourself, click here:


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  1. True story.

  2. How come you never made Purchasing trading cards? Or did you? 🙂

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